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Meet Natasha Dorsainvil, not your traditional intern

16 Jul 2009

Meet Natasha Dorsainvil, not your traditional intern

Our talented new intern tells us her story:

After reaching the inevitable burn-out point in teaching, I impulsively zipped off to New York City to finally put my English degree to use. Quick highlights from my NYC residency: saw snow for the first time, took self-guided tours of the city (thanks, MTA), followed the haunts of Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks from You’ve Got Mail, bought lots of (now useless) coats, and accepted a retail job with a major publisher’s bookstore in the hopes that it would lead to something corporate about seven floors up. Almost worked. Then one of those life-changing decisions came up, and moving back to Miami was one of its requirements.

As it so happened, Miami ended up having the job I had hoped to find up north. Up until a few months ago, I was a Web Content Editor with an Internet-based marketing company. The self-professed restless reacher that I am was able to get a magazine internship with a local magazine. Not wanting to be stuck exclusively to print, I stumbled upon Wax Custom Communications’ Interactive Marketing Agency and, voila, here I am. Even with all the highs and lows of my professional life, I can say that I have been blessed to meet people like the ones I work with now who help take the edge off of transition.

A bit about my past and future. I’m a native Miamian of Haitian descent. I spent three years earning an English degree from Florida State University and have been in the painful process of writing what will be a New York Times bestseller since 2007.

And yes, I am actively seeking employment.

– Natasha Dorsainvil

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