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How to Make Your Blogs Go Viral

The Internet produces a ton of content. Whether it’s unique text, images or video, content is being passed around the web quicker than we can blink. But what makes some content go viral and other content fall to the wayside? … Continue reading

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How Healthcare Marketers Can Maximize Twitter’s New Features

Twitter is no stranger to healthcare. It’s been used in healthcare communications for everything from live tweeting brain surgery to getting alerts from health-related government agencies. Like other social media platforms, Twitter is evolving and becoming even more user friendly. … Continue reading

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Healthy Hospitality — Smarter, Safer Dining Options

Think about it: why do you eat at the restaurants you frequent? A lot of times you’re there simply because they’re nearby your home or office, or perhaps a friend or family member has recommended them to you. The advent … Continue reading

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Keep it Old School: Harness the Power of Email Energy!

Before Twitter. Before Facebook. In a land that knew no Pinterest, there was a strange little electronic creature known as … the email. Sure, it felt threatened when tweets, likes, shares, +1s and pins came along, but it possessed an … Continue reading

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Give Your Facts a Facelift with Integrated Infographics

Humans are decidedly visual creatures: it’s a pleasure hard-wired into our brain chemistry. According to researchers, almost 50 percent of the human brain is involved in visual processing. Since 70 percent of all our sensory receptors are actually located in … Continue reading

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