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Attracting New Patients With Facebook’s New Local Awareness Ads

Digital methods of marketing are changing the way we communicate with potential customers, resulting in innovative new ways of locating and retaining them. In the past, if you were a drug store or an urgent care center, you would probably … Continue reading

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Pin Your Fans to Your Brand: Join Pinterest!

When you think about social media, the first networks that probably come to mind are the usual suspects: Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Don’t underestimate Pinterest, though!  Pinterest users have the strongest representation of the healthcare decision-maker demographic – its users … Continue reading

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Use Self-Publishing to Promote Your Brand

Social media, blogging and white papers are all fantastic ways to create content to brand your hospital or healthcare facility, but they’re all a bit … predictable. Your competitors are most likely doing just that as we speak. So how … Continue reading

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How to Convert More Customers Using Psychology

Today’s consumers have an unprecedented number of options regarding where and how they access information — and the world of healthcare is no exception. Given the current digital climate, your website will likely be the top factor that influences conversion. … Continue reading

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How Meetup Can Magnify Your Hospital’s Public Presence

Looking to maximize exposure for a signature procedure your facility is performing? Trying to alert the local community about a special service you provide?  Attempting to increase awareness for a local charity you sponsor? Meetup is a superlative marketing venue … Continue reading

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