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Postage won’t increase in 2010

The United States Post Office recently announced great news for Wax customers: “The Postal Service will not increase prices for market dominant products in calendar year 2010.” Continue reading

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Multi-multi media in motion

New video ads debut in print magazines. Continue reading

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Pennies for your thoughts

If you can’t remember the last time you bought a stamp, well, guess what? CentMail is offering a digital reminder. Here’s how it works: You opt-in to the system and a virtual $0.01 stamp is tagged to all the messages … Continue reading

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Press checks: an exercise in discriminating color

Attending press checks for our publications is a critical step in ensuring the final printed piece meets Wax’s standards of quality. While there are several items to watch on press – paper, sharpness, registration, impositions, crossovers – I find that one of the most important (and challenging) is color. Continue reading

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