Holly, Jolly Healthcare: Things You Need to Know About Selling Insurance

As we near year’s end, many families are searching for the best healthcare coverage for their families in 2015, all while shopping for clever presents, attending holiday parties and whipping up festive feasts.  This time around, they’re insurance shopping with some additional skepticism and anxiety.  That’s because last year’s rollout of the optimistic Affordable Care Act created administrative chaos for agents and consumers alike.

How To Sell Health Insurance in 2015Fortunately, we’ve analyzed those historical bumps in the road to coverage and have come up with three tips you can use as you market yourself to families this December and January.  Our suggestions aren’t necessarily seasonal, though — you can use them anytime!

  • Target Female Consumers.  Statistics show that in general, women make the important healthcare decisions for themselves and their families — not men, who defer to their judgment.  And they’re not just randomly calling insurance companies they find in the Yellow Pages: They’re shopping online like they do for everything else.  Make sure to craft a Web experience that suits them.
  • Beam Your Laser.  The best way to reach out to woman is to concentrate your efforts at advertising on the digital hotspots they frequent, including websites, blogs and social media channels.  Pinterest is a clear winner — of all social media venues, it has the highest percentage of female participants.  Believe us, you want to get pinned, even more than you want to get liked or shared.  Start by going to PinGroupie and checking out the group boards that can give you the best exposure.
  • Educate Shoppers.  Don’t just talk about your brand and its benefits — provide a healthy takeaway to inspire pass-along readership and create a reputation for your brand as helpful, informative and altruistic.  Specifically, mothers love preventive health.  Any info you provide that helps their children avoid possible health conditions will win them over and make you less like a carrier, more like a part of the family.  Segue into what your brand in particular offers to foster preventive care, like annual physicals and screenings.  Remember—healthcare is a soft sell.

There is always a healthy dose of public doubt about insurance coverage.  We recommend you be honest, forthcoming and straightforward to entice new clients into choosing your brand as their wellness winner.

For a detailed strategy on how to best market your health insurance company, contact Wax Custom Communications at 305-350-5700, or visit waxcom.com.

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Listen Up: The Benefits of Social Media Altruism

Too many businesses are social media narcissists.  They use their channels to promote themselves shamelessly without displaying any awareness of the fact that their medium gives them the potential to interact with followers and fans directly.  Sure, “content is king,” as we’ve all heard by now, but attention is the queen bee in this hive — and it’s mutual.

Listening is a crucial aspect of social mediaPaying attention is a form of altruism, or behaving selflessly, with the interests of other people in mind: and everybody wants to be heard.  For example, listening and responding are key ingredients to managing your reputation.  Whenever anyone posts something, be it positive or negative, take the time to let that person know your thoughts.  Be a real presence.

Paying this kind of attention to comments posted creates familiarity, helping you get to know your clientele more intimately.  You can also “listen in” to what’s being said about other brands, using the information to help you refine your brand position.

Two recent communication tools are key:

  • Socialmention.com collects data about you from multiple platforms, including YouTube, Facebook and Twitter, generating a Social Media Snapshot along with Sentiment Scores that gauge your reputation and an analysis of your digital reach.
  • Tweetdeck.com is Twitter’s platform for managing your reputation on its site.  You can use the deck to schedule and post your tweets while creating an interface of columns that summarize @ mentions, activity and followers, among other things, so you can monitor your buzz.

Sites like these will make you a better listener — and enhance your ability to give back to the online community.  For a detailed altruism action plan, contact Wax Custom Communications at 305-350-5700, or visit waxcom.com.

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Make Your Hospital’s Digital Experience Mom-Friendly—and Win Over the Whole Family!

When it comes to running the household, everyone knows that mom calls the shots.  This is especially true for important healthcare decisions, like selecting the right health insurance, picking a primary care physician (PCP) and working with pharmacists to understand the medicines doctors prescribe to family members.

It should come as no surprise that the smartphone revolution has made Mom even smarter, as she takes increased advantage of paperless media to create electronic records of her family.  A recent study from maternity site BabyCenter demonstrates that mothers are just beginning to get into the swing of tracking their children’s health statistics on their smartphones: 23 percent admitted that they monitor their children’s nutrition and development electronically, while 40 percent reported that they would switch to digital record keeping if the process were simpler.

In general, consumers shy away from cumbersome websites and apps where mining vital information is time-consuming and difficult, as a survey of popular attitudes toward prostate cancer sites through the Journal of Urology has clarified.  Information should be presented succinctly and directly in a fashion that’s above all user-friendly — which means you should think about content placement and navigation, so you understand how decision-makers like mom will access your site.

Keep your information current and accurate, so mothers look to you as a trusted source of the facts they need to manage family health, especially during times of global crisis.  As the current Ebola confusion shows, fear and misinformation can easily run rampant, alarming the general public and generating unnecessary fears and false reports.  Stay at the top of your game by having your hospital set the standard for factual accuracy.  Present it all via a streamlined site or app that doesn’t require a degree in rocket science to operate, and you’ll be golden.

To learn more about how to make your website or app more mom-friendly, contact Wax Custom Communications at 305-350-5700, or visit waxcom.com.

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Using SlideShare Infographics to Create an Unforgettable Visual Voyage

Contemporary healthcare is bursting with physicians of every background and expertise.  Yes, they all have the eponymous letters “M’ and “D” after their names, but this abbreviation may actually be all they share, when it comes down to it.

That’ s because the path to becoming a physician is unique to each individual.  For while the structure of their education and training will necessarily be similar — taking the MCAT, enrolling in basic med school courses, eventually selecting a residency — their experiential details can be worlds apart.

Now, innovative professional Website SlideShare creates a Professional Journey for its participants.  This feature automatically fashions a dynamic vista encapsulating their professional arc through an artful presentation of details like educational institutions attended, positions held, even endorsements from fellow physicians.

SlideShare simply imports existing data from LinkedIn, which purchased the site in 2012, to create a visually appealing individual history.  SlideShare generates these visualizations in a format that can be published and shared on SlideShare and LinkedIn, as well as via social networking portals Facebook and Twitter.

Slideshare’s design is flexible and adaptive, so profiles are easily viewed on both desktop computers and mobile devices.  Plus, in addition to the default profile template, there are other options available so you create a customized look that graphically embodies your professional personality.

For doctors, Professional Journey is the ideal way to showcase information like their curriculum vitae (CV) in an aesthetically pleasing way with unprecedented visual appeal.  Rather than merely present dry details in a linear fashion, SlideShare creates a Professional Journey that breaks out recommendations, education, experience and skills separately, to make personal history come alive beautifully.

To equip your physicians with Slideshare’s Professional Journey tool so they can truly showcase the full range of their talents, contact Wax Custom Communications today at 305-350-5700, or visit waxcom.com.

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How to Develop Tweets That Will Get Consumers Chirping

Twitter is a phenomenal social networking tool — useful for goals beyond following celebrities or communicating with friends.  That’s because the social media sensation is the perfect platform for keeping up with locals in your area, staying abreast of industry trends and creating the exposure that is central to brand propagation.

So how do you stand out in a forum in which participants each have an average of 208 followers?  To stay on top of your game, you have to provide content that differentiates itself from background noise.

Here are three tempting tweets that will absorb attention and give your brand a boost:

  • The Neat Tweet: Providing a simple solution to a popular problem gives readers a sense of completeness and is the fast track to getting retweeted.  For example, the hot healthcare topic today is clearly Ebola.  People are fixated, yet few know anything substantial about it.  Creating a cluster of tweets that explains how the disease is transmitted or identifies top symptoms will surely amplify your fan base by making you a solid information source in a time of confusion and misinformation.
  • The Concrete Tweet: People are always intrigued by facts and numbers. Tweet something statistical that will engage your followers and spur them to leave Twitter to read more on your blog or website.  As a prime instance: the Facebook organ transplant.  Yes, the social media site now allows people to enroll as organ donors via a partnership with Donate Life America — why not make yourself the source of this knowledge for your followers so they can in turn share it with their followers, expanding your reach that much further?
  • The Sweet Tweet: Modern life is bursting with stressors.  Use a hashtagged day like #MotivationMonday or #WordsOfWisdomWednesday to circulate inspirational content and create the expectation of more to come.   People like to be reassured and comforted: it fills a psychological void.  Satisfy this need, and your wisdom will be remembered — and passed along.

A single tweet can only include up to 140 characters, so keep your message to the point.  The more retweets and followers you accumulate, the better the chances your ROI will increase: the Twittersphere is your golden opportunity in this age of quantifiable popularity.

For a complete Twitter strategy for your business, including tips on writing concise, insightful tweets that pack a punch, contact Wax Custom Communications today at 305-350-5700, or visit waxcom.com.

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