Tips to Create Unique Social Media Content for Your Hospital

So your healthcare facility has all its social media accounts set up, optimized with descriptions, office hours and custom graphics created. Now what? It’s all about creating content that is truly unique.

Creating content isn’t always easy. In addition, with HIPAA laws you have to be very careful on what you post. Here are a few suggestions that can make your content rewarding and engaging to your followers:

  • Keep a themed schedule. For example, Motivation Monday or Trivia Tuesday. This will make it easy for your marketing team to create content for a specific day.
  • Be educational. People are following you for health-related information. Why not provide them with healthy tips that are related to health such as exercise, nutrition and check-up reminders.
  • Make the best of photos and video testimonials. People are visual. If you can show them a photo or short video of a happy patient, your followers are sure to like, comment, retweet, +1 and share it.  All good things in the world of social media!

Social media content isn’t meant to be very sophisticated or complicated. The simpler and unique the content is, the better. For a detailed strategy on how to create great content for your hospital’s social media sites, contact Wax Custom Communications at 305-350-5700 or visit

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Google My Business Is A Great Tool for Hospitals

You may or not be aware, but Google recently launched a tool called Google My Business that allows businesses to easily manage different Google applications (Maps, Adwords, Google Plus, etc) from one dashboard. A potential patient can now get information about your facility no matter what device or service they use.

For a healthcare facility this new marketing tool can be very helpful. Here’s why:

  • Hospitals and healthcare facilities get a lot of reviews online. A marketing department can now tap into one central place to see reviews from across the web and respond to reviews that were given on Google.
  • Having a surgery is never fun and patients are going to be nervous before visiting your facility. Now you can help ease their fears by creating a virtual tour to help them mentally prepare for their visit.
  • Knowing how people found your facility and what they are clicking on is essential information. Within the Google My Business dashboard you can now get these custom insights and trends with AdWords Express. This information will help your facility better understand your audience and how they engage with you.

These are just a few of the many updates Google is bringing to brick and mortar businesses including healthcare facilities. For more information on this free product and how to make it work for your facility, contact Wax Custom Communications at 305-350-5700 or visit

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Tips to Help Your Hospital Succeed On Twitter

If used property, Twitter can be an extremely useful social media platform for a healthcare facility. From showcasing brain surgery to showing the effectiveness of disaster-response planning Boston Marathon Bombing, Twitter has a lot of potential benefits. To be used as an effective communication tool there are some best practices a facility should follow:

  • Always use hashtags (#). Hashtags are basically keywords included in your Tweet to help others find you. Hashtags can help you attract users who are searching for a particular subject, People and other businesses monitor and follow specific keywords and if you include relevant ones in your Tweets your posts can become more visible and potentially go viral to new patients. You can also register your facility’s specific hashtag on a directory like
  • Don’t automate your Tweets from Facebook. Marketing departments have a lot going on and it may be a nice shortcut to have your posts on Facebook automatically feed to your Twitter account. Since Twitter only supports140 characters, a Facebook post is likely to get get cut off on Twitter and make the Tweet look incomplete.
  • URL shorteners have a lot of marketing benefits. If you are going to include a hyperlink in your Tweet, always use a URL shortener. Twitter will automatically shorten your link, but other services like will not only shorten the URL but also provide you with a lot of analytics and data on how and when the link was clicked on.
  • Don’t use the full 140 characters. Twitter allows each Tweet to be 140 characters. That doesn’t mean you should always use them. Tweets that get retweeted are compliments of someone else saying you wrote good content and it should be shared. You want them to be able to include your handle in the Tweet and include any comments without the original Tweet getting cut off. A good rule of thumb is to have your original Tweet be at most 110 to 120 characters.
  • Determine the best times to Tweet. Is your audience local? Do you cater to a telemedicine audience that could be in a different time zone? With over 255 million, monthly active users it can be hard to determine when your Tweets will be effective. Using a free tool like Tweriod can help. This tool analyzes your tweets and your followers’ tweets so you can start tweeting when it makes most sense to reach your target audience.

If done properly, it is amazing what Tweets can do for your healthcare facility. To maximize Twitter to its biggest potential it is critical you follow best practices. For additional examples of how Twitter can benefit your healthcare facility as well as other effective ways to use this microblog platform, contact Wax Custom Communications at 305-350-5700 or visit

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A Profitable Match: Healthcare and Relationship Marketing

For a healthcare facility to be successful and profitable, relationship marketing is essential! Unlike mass-marketing type efforts in print or TV, relationship marketing is designed to develop strong connections with potential patients by providing them with information directly suited to meet their needs and interests. This type of marketing is only successful if the customer (or in this case, potential patient) provides information to the facility.

Here are a few tactics to make relationship marketing successful:

  • Conduct surveys on and offline. Before a patient gets discharged from your facility ask them a few questions about their experience, what they liked and what they didn’t like. This data can then help your marketing department improve the overall patient experience in your facility.
  • Monitor, listen and respond to medical review sites that current and potential patients are writing and reading. Some top sites you should check regularly are, and even Angie’s List. Listening to what consumers are saying can help craft and implement your marketing message across all advertising platforms.
  • Don’t only use social media as a content and sales tool! Use it as a personalized engagement tool to interact with others. Making a healthcare-related decision can be a lot tougher than purchasing a television or automobile. A personal touch via a social network interaction can go a long way in getting a stranger to become a patient for life.

If you can provide your patient or potential patient with a lasting, meaningful and personalized experience, you have been successful in your relationship marketing outreach. For additional approaches and tactics on how to make your relationship marketing campaign a success, contact Wax Custom Communications at 305-350-5700 or visit

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Targeted Landing Pages Are Key for Healthcare

Having a consumer understand a healthcare website can be extremely challenging. The verbiage can get complicated and if your hospital offers a variety of different services, prospects can get very confused, not know where to go and end up bouncing off the website altogether.

Landing pages for healthcareIf you are looking to have your website convert a prospect into a patient, you should consider targeted landing pages.  Targeted landing pages consist of three main simple elements: design, copy and a clear call-to-action.

For example, if you are promoting your cancer treatment services, make sure the page not only has a headline about your cancer treatment department but also a simple subhead with a statistic that shows your success rate. This will entice the viewer to read what follows.

Remember people aren’t going to a hospital website to read long and detailed explanations. They can get that information from medical journals online.

Condense the copy into the most effective short form to get the message across and convince prospects to take action. If prospects want to read about your services in more detail you can direct them with a link to your hospital’s website.

Landing pages should be short and simple. Make sure not to include information on other diseases and other services. If people are on your cancer services landing page, they want information on cancer services and treatment options.

Landing pages should be visually appealing, but not distracting. An effective landing page will contain a brief amount of copy with headlines that address key points. And remember people gravitate and relate more to photos than they do to copy. Use a graphic element that’s not only attractive and informative but possibly even interactive – such as a video testimonial.

Always have a clear call-to-action. Whether it’s with a call tracking phone number or a contact form, always request a prospect to do something, and always make that action simple and hassle-free.

Lastly, a healthcare landing page including the headline, copy, visual and call-to-action should always be above the fold, meaning a prospect shouldn’t have to scroll down to get this information. This is essential these days with people accessing websites from different devices.

Healthcare landing pages don’t have to be complicated and technical. Simplicity works and you will be surprised how a well-designed landing page can increase conversions exponentially. For a free consultation and to learn other tricks on landing page optimization in healthcare, contact Wax Custom Communications at 305-350-5700 or visit

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