Make Your Hospital’s Facebook Page a Content Generator

It is essential to keep your hospital’s Facebook page current with fresh, compelling content, or you’ll risk giving the impression that you’re disconnected from your audience — or worse yet, out of business.

You can always post about your events and areas of practice, and should definitely supply general health tips, since patient education is a huge factor in building trust.  For additional ideas, you can predict what your target demo finds important and share relevant posts from well respected bloggers and other experts in the field.

But is all that enough to make your public presence POP?  Probably not.  Here’s two more tips to liven up your page and make it a digital destination.

Squirrel It Away for That Rainy Day.

When you “Like” pages and posts, they will begin appearing in your Facebook feed and notifications. You can actually save that content and then disseminate it later, when you’re having a brain-freeze on what to post.  Clicking the little down arrow on the top right corner of any post will create a drop-down menu.  The fourth option allows you to save the story, which you can access in the future by clicking the “saved” icon on the left side of your Facebook page.  So if WebMD runs some relevant diabetes research findings, you can save them and repost during Diabetes Awareness Month, for example, instantly making your page au courant.

Learn What Makes Your Fans Tick.

Let’s say you’re attempting to target pregnant women for your maternity service line.  What do you do?  By using Facebook’s Graph Search Bar on the top of your page, you can discover which pages they’ve frequented.  If you simply enter “Pages liked by women who like pregnancy and live in Miami, Florida,” a flurry of pages will algorithmically materialize.  Like the important ones and grab content to share now or save for later.

Facebook’s greatest strength as a marketing engine is its customization, since this feature makes for precise targeting.  Facebook is a laser beam pointing the way to new clientele cleanly and directly — even without your having to pay to advertise or promote posts.

For additional surprising ways that Facebook can make your business a content giant, contact Wax Custom Communications at 305-350-5700, or visit

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Social Media Safety – Virtual Connections Provide Realtime Results

Natural disasters including hurricanes, floods, tornadoes, earthquakes or even pandemics like the 2014 Ebola outbreak in Liberia can change lives forever. Back just 20 years ago when these types of phenomena occurred, concerned friends and family living outside the affected region might have waited days or even weeks before hearing how their loved ones had fared.

Social Media and natural disastersFortunately, today’s social media tech can bring peace of mind with just a few quick clicks. One prime example: back in 2012 during SuperStorm Sandy, a meteorological oddity for the Northeast, mobile devices, mobile carriers and social media venues expedited communication between the public and emergency responders, including FEMA and the Red Cross.

In 2013, Twitter began providing Twitter Alerts, equipping users with vital information from select credible organizations during emergencies, natural disasters and other unstable times when communication is challenging.

Now Facebook has joined in this new “safety communication revolution” with the announcement of Facebook Safety Check, a ground-breaking tool that promises to bring comfort to friends and family after a disaster occurs.

During a natural disaster and its immediate aftermath, the tool will check the location listed in your profile, places where you’ve recently checked in and the area from which you are currently using the Web. If the app determines you could be in an affected zone, a notification will pop up asking if you’re safe. You’ll then be able to respond, choosing either “I’m safe” or “I’m not in the area” responses.

Your friends will also get notifications that they have connections in the geographical area in question to let them know who has verified their safety.  Facebook created the app to simplify the notification process, especially when battery life is at a premium and re-charging is not an option.

Safety Check is just another way that contemporary technology is improving communication between people every day – and especially during times of unpredictable instability. Your healthcare brand can always benefit from using these essential features when disaster strikes: contact Wax Custom Communications at 305-350-5700 for a strategic analysis, or visit

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Keep the Social Media Conversation Moving

People are buzzing.  That’s because when it comes to social media and business, it is definitely all about the conversation! The more dialogue you can deliver, the more opportunity you will get to create new clients and customers.

But social media isn’t inherently as physical a type of medium as print or radio, so how exactly do you quantify it? Within the arena of social media, a win isn’t just a new patient for your hospital or clinic. It can be a like, comment, retweet, +1 or share. In short, a social media victory is any form of interaction indicating that you engaged someone meaningfully.

Social media content for healthcare differs from what other verticals require in that the genre is fundamentally personable and emotive.  After all, you’re dealing with the most intimate topics: health and wellness.

According to a recent Zuum Report on social media for children’s hospitals, posts requesting donations generated more than three times the average per-post engagement.  Posts that included hashtags also seemed to take off.

Besides engaging in development or brandishing the eponymous hashtag. though, there are other vibrant ways to get the conversation flowing. Providing Patient Ed tips is always a winner, as is selecting timely topics, like discussing Breast Cancer Awareness in October, or speaking to a current health concern, like the 2014 Ebola outbreak in Liberia.

Posting a motivational quote on eating healthy might not garner you new patients immediately, but you will begin to create a reputation as the go-to source for useful wellness tips. This will get readers passing your content along to friends and family, who are more likely to go from “clicks to bricks,” coming in for the visit that will officially make them your new patient.  Score one for healthcare social media!

For a detailed content strategy that will give your healthcare social media campaign a stronger virtual voice, contact Wax Custom Communications at 305-350-5700, or visit

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Attracting New Patients With Facebook’s New Local Awareness Ads

Digital methods of marketing are changing the way we communicate with potential customers, resulting in innovative new ways of locating and retaining them.

In the past, if you were a drug store or an urgent care center, you would probably display a sign somewhere publicly or rent a billboard when trying to attract a local audience. Now all you need to do is market your product or service digitally on Facebook to increase your client base. That’s because the world’s largest and arguably most influential social network just announced that its Local Awareness Ads are now open to all advertisers!

These ads can be created simply by entering your business’ address and drawing a target radius around it. Facebook will then serve ads to users based not only on where they live but also on where they traveled geographically in the recent past.  This means that people who checked in at the local restaurant in the shopping plaza near your hospital a few days ago will start seeing your advertisements about seasonal flu shots pop up on their Facebook pages, for example. The ads include a call to action button allowing interested parties to “Get Directions,” sending them directly to you.

These highly targeted ads serve as a powerful reminder for locals about the services your facility offers right in their backyard. Yes, they can opt out of them on Facebook, but we suspect the majority will enjoy being informed about healthcare services in their neighborhood.

Social media for medicine is rapidly and continually evolving with tools that place you in front of the right audience with immediacy and accuracy: learn how to employ them. For more information on Facebook’s new Local Awareness advertisements and how you can optimally leverage them and other related social advertising tools, contact Wax Custom Communications at 305-350-5700, or visit

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Pin Your Fans to Your Brand: Join Pinterest!

When you think about social media, the first networks that probably come to mind are the usual suspects: Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Don’t underestimate Pinterest, though!  Pinterest users have the strongest representation of the healthcare decision-maker demographic – its users are young (ages 25-34), female (80 percent), middle class (only 30 percent have income over $100K) and they are likely to have children (50 percent). All are highly influential people when it comes to making healthcare marketing choices for themselves and their families, so ignoring them would be ill advised.

Healthcare facilities can use Pinterest to create pinboards with inspirational quotes, Infographics on health statistics, fitness tips and healthy recipes. We also recommend that they join group Pinterest boards, especially for an organization that is new to this photo-sharing social medium.

In the world of Pinterest, when you stick one of your pins into a group board with thousands of followers, you have more of an opportunity to be seen and followed by potentially new fans and friends.  In addition, people have the opportunity to re-pin your content, much as on Twitter a provocative tweet can be retweeted. You can of course use those iconic hashtags on Pinterest, as they help build awareness about your content, circulating it to a much wider audience.

Good group boards can become go-to resources for people looking for a reliable source for shareable quality content.  You can find some prime healthcare-related group Pinterest boards by visiting Pingroupie and filtering your category to “health_fitness.” Don’t just join the boards: engage, participate in and popularize them.

Group boards are an innovative social way to get more branding exposure for your hospital or healthcare facility. As with all social media, put in a concerted effort to keep your boards fresh, active and current with memorable content that will generate pass-along readership.

For more information on Pinterest and how it can enhance the public profile of your healthcare brand, contact Wax Custom Communications at 305-350-5700, or visit

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