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Enhance Brand Awareness through Meme Marketing

If you’re responsible for providing content for your healthcare facility’s social media channels, you might be floundering as you attempt to garner likes and retweets. Don’t worry — you’re not alone. Social media is becoming increasingly competitive and without dipping … Continue reading

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Benefits of Long-form Content In Healthcare Marketing

It is many people’s opinion that attention span’s on the web are short. If viewers don’t find what they are looking for, there are a million other places they can try. But producing longer articles, 1,200 words or greater (i.e. … Continue reading

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How to Use YouTube for Healthcare Marketing

Creating great YouTube videos can be very influential to potential new patients. If thoughtfully planned out, videos can become a very powerful marketing resource. Continue reading

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Content marketing truths, the condensed version

Joe Pulizzi of Junta 42 does a neat summary of 2010 content marketing realities here that he tapes to his office desk. Here’s a culled-down version that fits on a stickie note: 1. Content is more important than the offer. … Continue reading

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When the picture tells the story

Not only is the right picture worth the proverbial 1,000 words, sometimes it’s the very best way to render complex, tedious or even mundane messages and get them noticed and, most important, understood. There’s a terrific example of that at tipstrategies.com, the … Continue reading

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