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Tracking Food Poisoning Via Twitter

Twitter is pretty powerful – it can tell us about breaking news, how people are reacting to a specific event, and what and where they’re eating for dinner. Twitter can even tell us where people are getting sick, specifically from … Continue reading

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How to Use Instagram Video in Healthcare

You may have heard that the popular photo sharing application Instagram has announced new video-sharing capabilities. Similar to Twitter’s Vine application, Instagram video offers plenty of opportunities for all marketers, including those in healthcare. Unlike Vine, which allows for six-second … Continue reading

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A Novel Way to Watch Brain Surgery

Live tweeting a health procedure may be fascinating, but it isn’t a new concept. The patient simply gives an okay and someone in the operating room uses a specific hashtag to tweet during the operation. Videoing a procedure isn’t new, … Continue reading

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Social Media Moves to Forefront During Boston Marathon Disaster

In the aftermath of the Boston Marathon bombings, it was Twitter and Facebook that kept information coming and communication flowing because cellphone towers were overloaded. Social media gave out blood donation locations and let loved ones communicate with each other during the chaos. Continue reading

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How Hospitals Can Use Twitter’s Vine App

There are a variety of great marketing opportunities that businesses, including hospitals, can use and take advantage of Vine video application. Continue reading

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