WAX HAS DEVELOPED A WIDE BREADTH OF CAPABILITIES to ensure we can deliver everything you could want from a full-service ad agency. Want breakthrough creative? We’ve got that. (We were named the #1 award-winning creative agency for the second year in a row.) Want in-depth consumer research with actionable insight? We can do that. Custom content optimized for print and web? No sweat. We are constantly evolving to meet new challenges while strengthening our core capabilities. Below you will find a sample of all the endeavors we can help you take on and deliver remarkable results.

  • Market research
  • Consumer targeting and segmentation analysis
  • Real-time consumer engagement
  • Internal brand assessments
  • Customer satisfaction surveys
  • Focus group testing

  • Branded content development
  • Multichannel content strategy
  • Brand storytelling
  • Video and audio production
  • Digital content development
  • Social Media

  • Multichannel advertising campaigns
  • Magazine content
  • Publishing
  • Web design and development
  • Mobile content and app development
  • Social Media
  • Collateral design
  • Language translation publishing

  • Branded content development
  • Multichannel content strategy
  • Brand storytelling
  • Video and audio production
  • Digital content development
  • Social Media

  • Traditional and digital media planning & buying
  • Social media strategy
  • Competitive media spend tracking
  • Email marketing

  • Web analytics
  • Behavioral analytics
  • Campaign measurement and reporting
  • Brand awareness and perception tracking
  • ROI analysis
  • Competitor analysis


FOUNDED AS A CONTENT MARKETER, WAX HAS EVOLVED OVER TWO DECADES and broadened its expertise to include market research, strategic planning, traditional and digital advertising, social media, online, mobile marketing and other content-driven solutions. We’re made up of a multicultural staff and we embrace this rich mix authentically. We leverage strong, strategic thinking and pivotal insights that cross cultures and platforms – delivering impactful ideas that connect.

We show you what works. But then we take it a step further. We help you discover what’s possible. We embrace change. And sometimes, we create it. We’re creative. We’re passionate. And yes, we’re different. But so are you. In fact, that’s what drives us. We’re inspired to harness the power of creativity to make your brand unique. In short, we want to make it easy for you to make your point — and we want to make it with authority.

Our flexibility and a forensic approach to understanding client and customer needs and motivations is second to none. We use a data-centric approach to develop advanced marketing strategies to help clients gain market share. We believe that every marketing activity should be linked to the organization’s business goals and its overall brand strategy. And that’s why at Wax, we take our approach to learning very seriously. At the start of any client engagement, we employ a robust research framework that allows us to establish and build on a baseline of knowledge that defines the challenges our clients face.

All this is done with the following goals in mind:

  • To understand your customer
  • To use that understanding to give them the information they need – in the places they visit and the format they enjoy – in order to make their decision
  • To nurture and solidify the relationship between the customer and your brand
Today, there are more ways to reach customers, both in terms of number and variety of channels. Because of that, the need to develop and execute a multichannel marketing campaign is critical to one’s marketing success. Our marketing team will help create awareness of your services and communicate their relevance to your consumers. We empower potential customers with multiple ways to connect, engage and interact with your brand, on their terms.

Benefits of a multichannel marketing strategy include:

  • Increased visibility to new customer groupings
  • Enhanced & efficient productivity
  • Improved customer perception
  • Better data collection of results & sales
  • Better understanding of customers
  • Higher revenues
Most marketing messages lack uniqueness and memorability; sometimes they’re just flat out boring. Authentic storytelling connects whereas bland messages fade away. The purpose of creative execution is to differentiate your business or organization sharply and take it to previously unattainable heights in terms of customer leads and sales. That’s why once we develop a strategic marketing plan for your business or organization, we work to deliver powerful creative content that moves and motivates customers into action. In the hands of our creative marketing team, your brand will express empathy and empowerment.
As the marketing campaign progresses, it’s essential to identify and use the metrics that matter most. We employ proven and effective tactics and tools – web analytics, multivariate testing, focus groups, etc. – to measure how well our marketing efforts help build a large and loyal customer base for your business or organization. Using the data we collect, our marketing team can refine brand messaging and segmentation for maximum impact.