Integrated Marketing Solutions

About the Ecosystem

The Wax ecosystem is a network of handpicked marketing specialists who are leaders in their respective fields. Marketing is a complex business, and it’s just not possible for any one agency to be the best at everything. We think the solution’s simple. Our in-house experts and ecosystem partners give us the intellectual horsepower and executional capabilities of a big agency. What we don’t have is huge overhead, premium pricing, lack of digital expertise or a marketing philosophy rooted in the days of Mr. Ed the talking horse.

Instead, our clients benefit from the most knowledgeable strategic thinkers in the categories they serve, and the best specialist talent available to execute the communications plans we recommend. Our integrated marketing solutions include research, strategic planning, advertising, Web marketing, social media, custom publishing and content marketing, CRM and analytics.

Although Wax is based in Miami, our ecosystem partners are located all over the United States, which gives us a large footprint and means we can provide our clients with national expertise AND local relationships.

See below to learn more about our capabilities, partners and philosophy.


Market Research

The starting point of knowledge is education. And we take learning very seriously. Led by David Hudson, senior director of research, Wax utilizes a proven methodology of primary and secondary market research called C4. It’s designed to ensure we’re on the leading edge of thinking as it relates to the industries we serve, as well as the specific business and customer contexts of our clients.


Content and Custom Publishing

Content marketing is the fastest-growing discipline in marketing – and no wonder. The massive shift in power to the customer unleashed by the Internet means that companies now need to think deeply about how they help customers achieve the tasks they’ve set for themselves as they research products and services. Content is the key.

We help companies develop the content strategy and tactics that allow them to intersect customers with the right content, at the right time, in the right place.


Website and Development

At Wax, we know that there are two kinds of websites: those that look cool and those that address objectives by helping users achieve the goals and tasks they’re trying to get done. We design and develop the second kind. We’re fanatical about the concept of experience planning – the art and science of taking everything we know about our clients’ businesses and their customers and designing websites to achieve highly accountable goals.


New Media Marketing

Web-powered digital technology is exploding into new devices, new software and new ways for people to connect with companies and the people they serve. We call this “New Media”. The Wax ecosystem is expert in all of them and relentless in weeding out the booms from the busts. We help our clients connect with their customers in the way that makes the most sense for them – whether that’s via the iTunes App Store or World of Warcraft.


Media Planning and Buying

The Wax ecosystem includes some of the most talented and focused media planning and buying agencies in the United States. We believe media should be bought surgically, not with a blunderbuss. That means we work with agencies that are steeped in the markets they serve – who understand (and know personally) the newspapers that matter and the billboards that just can’t be missed.


Strategic Planning

Our ecosystem model gives us immediate access to some of the most brilliant minds in marketing. We take the things we’ve learned, brief our strategy team and engage in an intensive process of strategy development.

The goal? Well, that depends on the scope of our engagement with a client. Sometimes it might be a comprehensive marketing strategy. Other times it might be a website redesign, an advertising campaign or the development of a new customer magazine – or all those things. The point is that we have no preconceived idea what we’ll find or what we’ll recommend as the best solution … something else you won’t get from an “integrated” ad agency.


Advertising Services

Wax knows that paid media continues to be an extremely important way to raise awareness of brands, products and services. We’re expert at creating, planning and buying local and national campaigns that achieve highly accountable goals and objectives.

Social Media Strategy

The Web is social, and social is the Web. A big part of user empowerment online is the fact that people are no longer passive consumers of prepackaged content. Instead they participate, create, share, rate and review brands, products and services in myriad places. Sharing opinion is the door to power. Social media is the key that opens it.

From Facebook and Twitter to blogs, wikis, communities and forums, Wax is expert at understanding client and customer needs and developing (and managing) the right platform to address them within a measurable, adaptable social media strategy.

Web Analytics

Defining ROI and measuring ongoing effectiveness of the programs we develop for our clients is foundational to our business model. We believe that as tactics ladder up to strategy, then data points ladder up to metrics frameworks. We’re expert in managing and reporting Web analytics, social media monitoring, focus groups, reader surveys, media performance, Web panels, net promoter scores, brand tracking, etc.

But none of those matters in isolation. Our approach is to develop a metrics framework for each client that clearly defines the data points that matter and what they mean in terms of consumer awareness, preference and sales.