South Nassau Communties Hospital
South Nassau Communties Hospital

Elevating a Brand:

Where Quality Matters


South Nassau Communities Hospital is an independent hospital east of New York City, serving the South Shore of suburban Long Island. Their goal is to move beyond the image of a sleepy community hospital and compete with the large systems that dominate the area.


Lacking the resources of a large system, South Nassau fights for recognition in a highly competitive market. Many residents in the area aren’t familiar with the hospital, and those who are tend to think of it simply as a general service community hospital.


Wax Custom Communications embarked on an in-depth research and discovery process that examined service line trends, market share by ZIP code, competitive spending and consumer perception to fully understand South Nassau’s position in the market. Based on these findings, Wax unveiled a new logo, tagline, color scheme and brand identity to the public, using all media channels to communicate their award-winning, cutting-edge programs and thus increasing their social media and digital ROI.


microsite views in the first two months of the campaign, driven solely by paid media.
South Nassau’s Facebook fan base grew 688% as a direct result of the campaign.