South Nassau Communties Hospital

Rebranding Done Right:

Truth in Medicine


South Nassau Communities Hospital is an independent hospital east of New York City, serving the South Shore of suburban Long Island. Their goal was to move beyond the image of a sleepy community hospital and compete with the large systems that dominate the area.


Lacking the resources of a large system, South Nassau fought for recognition in a highly competitive market. Many residents in the area weren’t familiar with the hospital, and those who were familiar thought of it simply as a general service community hospital.


Wax envisioned a dramatic campaign that would look nothing like traditional hospital advertising. Titled “Truth in Medicine” and founded in print, this campaign and its unusual images on bright backgrounds brought readers’ attention to thought-provoking health questions. Consumers were then directed to a custom microsite to get the answer. The microsite showcased videos from prominent South Nassau physicians explaining answers to questions in their field of expertise. Site traffic and video views were bolstered by an online campaign consisting of online display ads and Facebook video ads.


With all of the misinformation available on the internet, the campaign drove home the point that South Nassau’s physicians are experts you can trust. The campaign created buzz and true recognition of the South Nassau brand, while also driving site traffic and creating social media buzz. Within the first six weeks of its launch, the campaign witnessed:
microsite visits
video views on Facebook
click-thru rate (CTR) from Facebook ads