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On press, three's company

08 Jul 2009

On press, three's company

Jozy, Heather, and Amy R. on press.    Jozy, Heather and Amy R. on press.

Last week production guru, Jozy Torres, and I had the unique experience (and pleasure) of attending a press check with one of our clients.  

This was one of our first opportunities to use a printer in her area, and it was wonderful to have our client participate in the process. 

Amy reviewed forms and made color adjustments alongside us as Jozy inspected registration, tone, dot gain, and more for even the slightest error. 

“I just love all the attention to detail. Wax takes care of all of the intricate production details of our publications,” said Amy.  

Jozy is well versed in handling press checks on her own (she’s tougher than she looks and demands perfection from our printers), but she enjoyed our company and was able to demonstrate how Wax’s on-press quality checks produce stunning and visually accurate publications. 

– Heather Mickley

For a closer look, Jozy examines printer pages through a loop.

For a closer look, Jozy examines printer pages through a loupe.


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