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Postage won't increase in 2010

19 Oct 2009

Postage won't increase in 2010

forever-stampThe United States Post Office recently announced great news for Wax customers: “The Postal Service will not increase prices for market dominant products in calendar year 2010.”

What does that mean for you? First-Class Mail, Standard Mail, periodicals and single-piece Parcel Post will not see a price increase. And that means that client magazines and letters to grandma alike will cost the same to mail through 2010 as they do now.

However, pricing for Priority Mail, Express Mail, Parcel Select and most international products is under review, with a decision expected in November.  

Although the USPS continues to face financial challenges, it’s great to see it focusing on the long-term benefits of stabilizing prices for its customers. Maintaing 2009 pricing will encourage greater use of the USPS and help our clients’ budgets go a bit further than expected. 

For the official word from USPS Postmaster General, John Potter, read on. 

– Jozy Torres

To Postal Service Customers:

Many of you have expressed concerns regarding mailing costs for 2010. The tough economic climate has presented significant challenges to all of us and pessimistic speculation has suggested that postal prices could increase by as much as 10 percent.
As we begin a new fiscal year and as many of you, our business clients, are preparing your 2010 operating budgets, we want to end all speculation.
The Postal Service will not increase prices for market dominant products in calendar year 2010.
Simply stated, there will not be a price increase for market dominant products including First-Class Mail, Standard Mail, periodicals, single-piece Parcel Post. There will be no exigent price increase for these products.
This is the right decision at the right time for the right reason. Promoting the value of mail and encouraging its continued use is essential for jobs, the economy, and the future of both the Postal Service and the mailing industry.
While increasing prices might have generated revenue for the Postal Service in the short term, the long term effect could drive additional mail out of the system. We want mailers to continue to invest in mail to grow their business, communicate with valued customers, and maintain a strong presence in the marketplace. Changes in pricing for our competitive products˜Priority Mail, Express Mail, Parcel Select, and most international products˜are under consideration. We expect to announce a decision in November.
We are committed to working with customers to find ways to grow the mail through innovative incentives like the Summer Sale and contract pricing. Mail is the most effective means of communication and advertising and we will continue to work together to increase the value of the mail. Mail is a smart investment for the future.

John Potter
USPS Postmaster General 


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