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New generation of hospital marketing — baby boomers out, web generation in

14 Apr 2010

New generation of hospital marketing — baby boomers out, web generation in

Physician recruitmentWhen you use your hospital website to recruit physicians, consider asking what draws patients to choose your hospital.

In a recent Wax Custom Communications survey on community hospitals,41 percent of respondents said their most important consideration when choosing a hospital is its reputation and physician accreditation. If the physicians are among the top reasons why patients choose hospitals, then maybe you should reconsider how your website goes about attracting the best physicians.
When looking to recruit a specific position or specialist, try conducting a pay-per-click marketing campaign. For example, if you are interested in recruiting a pediatrician, you might conduct a pay-per-click campaign with keywords such as Pediatrics, Careers, Lifestyle, etc.

Once you grab the attention of the right person, your website should reel them in even further. A hospital’s website should tell its story, not only from a patient experience, but from a physician experience as well. An HR page is not enough! A website should express the hospital’s lifestyle and provide separate microsites for physicians and nurses. Within these microsites, consider a physician-targeted newsletter. You might even want to include physician testimonials to supplement patient testimonials.

Relocating is a big deal, so remember: Show your personality. Promote the area. What are the attractions? What about housing values? Local schools? You are not only trying to convince a potential nurse or physician, but his or her family too. RSS feeds are useful tools in displaying local house listings and community activities.
Always provide the ability to apply on your site – just make sure you have an efficient internal process, and that these applications are being processed regularly.
Tie online recruiting with offline marketing. Direct mailings and custom magazines are a great way to directly target current physicians and med-school graduates.

You might also want to add a social media campaign. In the last year, Facebook passed Google in the highest number of clicks per day. These campaigns should also have a physician and nurse recruitment focus.
With Google Analytics, you will be able to track your new campaign’s effectiveness by the increased number of visits and of course, of applicants. This type of next level physician recruitment is what will separate you from the competition, not only with physicians, but ultimately with patients as well.

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