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A Day at Wax

22 Apr 2010

A Day at Wax

Today Rebekah, Elisabeth, Alex, Nicolas and Jade came to Wax for Bring Your Child to Work Day. We walked around the office and met everyone. Everyone was very nice and welcoming to all of us. Jade liked the design part of Wax with all of the pictures. Some liked Lilly who made sure every one got paid. Some thought that Rick/Dad was cool because he was a problem solver. We sat down and said what we want to be when we grow up. Alex wants to be a gemologist, Elisabeth wants to be a secret agent, Nicolas wants to be an actor or in a band, Rebekah wants to be a teacher and Jade would like to be a veterinarian.
Now we are creating this blog post, which we have to take through the Wax process. This means that we have to write the blog, take it to editorial for editing, take it to design so we can add a picture, and then take it to Rebecca, so she can post it on the Wax website.
We all had a great time at Wax and can’t wait to come back.

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