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Has Your Hospital Done the Proper Market Research?

28 Feb 2012

Has Your Hospital Done the Proper Market Research?

Conducting market research is one of the most important parts of putting together an effective marketing plan for a hospital or healthcare facility.

With decisions and changes in both marketing and healthcare happening at a rapid pace, you need to be armed with the latest trends and findings.

What might have been a good strategy two years ago may not be the best today. Market research needs to be constantly monitored and tweaked. Today, market research starts online and there are many free tools available to start the process. market research

Some of the best tools are provided by Google. You’ll need a Google account. Once you have that, go to Google’s Search-Based Keyword Tool. Type in the words “buy, purchase, order, get” (without quotation marks) into the search field. This keyword tool will list hundreds of words or terms that contain these buying keywords together with other useful data like level of competition, searches per month, etc. Just choose the term that you feel is most suitable for your hospital, preferably one that has at least 2,500 searches per month.

Next, click on the icon that looks like a magnifying glass next to the search term you’ve have chosen. This will take you to Google Insights for Search, another free tool from Google. It will automatically search the term that you have chosen and produce the relevant data at Google insights. Scroll down to the bottom part of the page and you will see other related search terms. Take note of all the related search terms that you find.

Now you should have a small selection of targeted buying keyword terms in a particular niche. This indicates that there are people searching for information online to solve a problem or meet a need in this niche, using this data you just found. For example, they may be looking for a hospital that treats cancer, so they are using those terms in their online research.

With this data, you can investigate further and get more keyword ideas.

Wax Custom Communications can help your hospital with this type of research and take it to the next level. Our trained team knows how best to focus precious marketing resources in order to position yourself competitively in the market and ultimately increase your market share. For more information on how we can help your hospital with the “dirty work,” call 305-350-5700 or visit http://www.waxcom.com.

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