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Health Records for Your Kids Now in the Palm of Your Hand

15 Aug 2012

Health Records for Your Kids Now in the Palm of Your Hand

By the time a child becomes an adult, he or she will have seen about 18.7 different doctors, according to a Practice Fusion survey. Seeing that many doctors can make it tough to keep up with all their medical records, including vaccination and immunization paperwork. Consider, too, that the average medical record is 13 pages long, which means the average American has a health record of 200 pages in nearly 19 various locations.

AppMotherKnowsWith the help of technology and Web 2.0, those frustrating days for parents can now be a thing of the past. Now there are apps that can securely digitize your child’s health records, readily accessible whenever medical forms are needed.

One popular app that does the work for you is MotherKnows. Compatible with the Apple iPhone and available on the web, this app organizes your child’s medical records, medications they’re taking, and dosages, too. The app also can track allergies. There are monthly and annual plans available, and patients can access original medical records in PDF form and share emergency cards with caregivers.

Another app that works similar to MotherKnows is My Health Records. This app, also available on the iPhone and on the Android platform, reminds you of medical appointments, along with maintaining immunization records, recording allergic reactions and letting you know when a prescription is due for a refill.

Mobile applications are drastically changing health and healthcare communications. Let Wax Custom Communications create a mobile application or website that lets your hospital better communicate with your patients. Call 305-350-5700 or visit waxcom.com.

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