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How to Get Patients to Actually Show Up – New Call Center Technology

17 Dec 2012

How to Get Patients to Actually Show Up – New Call Center Technology

A recent study from Johns Hopkins on medical appointments found that 58 percent of people who have doctor appointments don’t show up for them? This is especially common in young and low-income patients. The most common reason? “I forgot.”

sms text appointment reminderThis excuse can be fixed very easily using new call center technology. Those annoying robocalls no one ever wants to get, via an automated voice or an SMS text message, can actually be a beneficial and simple way to help with patient forgetfulness.

Text messages and call reminders for appointments, prescription renewal reminders and annual checkup reminders are just a few ways on how this technology can help keep patients healthy and increase patient volume in hospitals and other medical facilities. The messages may not be personal, but they can serve as a straightforward reminder that an action needs to be taken. And they don’t take manpower away from your employees’ other daily tasks.

For help writing and implementing these efficient reminder programs in your healthcare facility, call Wax Custom Communications at 305-350-5700 or visit waxcom.com.

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