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Medical Residents Get Their Own Social Network

18 Dec 2012

Medical Residents Get Their Own Social Network

The days of looking for health-related information in an encyclopedia or medical journal are waning. Today, people go straight to the web and social networks, and that includes medical residents.

medical residents on social networksNow these residents have a new way to exchange information. QuantiaMD, an online physician community and collaboration platform with 160,000 members, is creating a Resident Exchange Social Network for young doctors. The network gives these physicians a place to share knowledge, ask questions and discuss issues related to medicine and medical practices.

The core of this Resident Exchange Social Network is its national library, which provides residents with a series of brief, high-impact case presentations created by chief residents. The site also provides a platform for residents to do their own social networking.

This new form of communication will allow new doctors to address the many non-medical issues that residents face in the rapidly changing and expanding healthcare environment. Members can access the network via PC, smartphones and tablets.

Residencies are tough, stressful times for many young doctors. This peer-group support network can help these physicians minimize their anxiety and focus on what they do best – treating patients and saving lives.

For more information on this new social network and other ways new forms of communication are helping improve healthcare, call Wax Custom Communications at 305-350-5700 or visit waxcom.com.


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