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New Year, New Testimonials

04 Jan 2013

New Year, New Testimonials

With the new year in full swing, a new look for your website may be in order. But when you consider a revamp for your website, consider including patient testimonials and reviews in the website design.

patient testimonialsNever overlook the promotional power of the patient testimonial – the best way to sell a business is word of mouth from happy customers. Satisfied existing or past patients will speak from a patient’s perspective, instinctively addressing concerns and doubts a new patient may have. A testimonial can be a very authentic and appealing endorsement of the doctor and medical facility and serves as an indirect form of promotion. Well-positioned patient testimonials, within the aesthetics and usability of the website, will attract the readers’ attention.

New or potential patients who visit your website typically want to know about the specific doctor’s personality and expertise, approachability of the staff, track record and other factors to make an informed choice. Hearing good words about the hospital straight from the physician’s previous patients may be the most convincing and satisfying version for new patients.

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