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New Technology Can Help with Patient Satisfaction

05 Apr 2013

New Technology Can Help with Patient Satisfaction

More and more physicians and nurses are admitting they can do more to improve patient satisfaction at their hospitals. They also admit, according to a recent survey, that they don’t have a structured engagement plan in place to improve that patient satisfaction.

Connecting with patients personally and making a good first impression are always a good start, but technology can also play a part in keeping patients happy.

For example, by integrating nurse call systems with wireless technology and real-time locating systems, nurses can respond more quickly to patient calls and become more mobile. Philadelphia’s Eastern Regional Medical Center implemented this system and was able to increase the center’s response rate to patient calls from 73 percent to 94.4 percent.

Electronic Health Records – EHRs – can also play a role in patient satisfaction. When a doctor can easily pull up past history records, such as lab results, it gives patients peace of mind. They are reassured that the doctor really knows their background and won’t have to spend valuable time digging and calling for information before treatment.

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