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Mobile Technology Becoming a Digital Health Concierge

22 Apr 2013

Mobile Technology Becoming a Digital Health Concierge

Many patients with chronic diseases are discharged from a hospital without a clear vision of how to execute their day-to-day treatments. These lifestyle adjustments can be hard to adjust to. If a patient isn’t following them properly, it could lead to complications and return trips to the hospital. And, with the high volume of patients a physician sees, it can become difficult to judge how the patient is doing since their last visit.

That’s changing now with the help of a new mobile application called Wellframe. This app, available via an Android or iPhone device or a laptop or desktop PC, combines mobile technology with machine learning – artificial intelligence – to produce a support system for patients that can lead to their recovery. The app translates clinical protocols into personalized, adaptive day-to-day to-do lists for patients.

Currently available for cardiac patients, Wellframe provides a task alert system for patients through their device of choice to take their medicine and perform light exercises. It also connects patients with medical personnel and educational videos when needed.

For example, instead of giving a patient a stack of documents when they leave the hospital, the app would provide personalized guidance through cardiac rehabilitation. This includes providing daily task lists, tracking physical activity, and messaging between the patient and physician. The educational material is designed to be easy for patients to understand and absorb.

The app then collects all the data for physicians to better understand patient behavior between visits and make clinical adjustments based on what they learned.

To learn more about Wellframe and other mobile apps that are changing healthcare, contact Wax Custom Communications at 305-350-5700 or visit waxcom.com.

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