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Benefits of Long-form Content In Healthcare Marketing

16 May 2014

Benefits of Long-form Content In Healthcare Marketing

It is many people’s opinion that attention span’s on the web are short. If viewers don’t find what they are looking for, there are a million other places they can try. But producing longer articles, 1,200 words or greater (i.e. whitepapers, blog posts, etc) in healthcare actually has its benefits. Here’s why:

Healthcare isn’t always “cut and dry”. It can take some detailed explaining to explain your point properly. Developing longer content is an excellent way to engage with readers, offer them genuine value and ultimately a rewarding experience. That experience can then lead them to read more and come back to you in the future for more information.

Shorter content articles may assist in your search engine optimization (SEO) strategy by getting initial search traffic.  However, that doesn’t help with getting repeat traffic. Longer-form articles will increase user engagement as it shows you are taking the time to provide tons of value to your audience.

By providing longer, detailed content you can become the authority on a specific topic. That authority can then turn into new patients and new sources of revenue.

Don’t write content just for the sake of writing it. Also don’t assume everyone has a short attention span. If you have good, relevant content it is okay to expand it. Go with the theory that readers will want to read it, share it, and even engage with it.

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