Social Media Will Study Emotional Distress

Micheal Sherman, Digital Marketing Specialist Social Media

Every day, we share so much data about our lives on Facebook and other social networks. It shouldn’t be a surprise to consider that people who suffer from emotional distress might also use the networks to leave clues about their situations and even hint about being suicidal.

The Online Consumer-Rating Effect

Micheal Sherman, Digital Marketing Specialist Healthcare Marketing

Most people believe what their peers say online about other businesses. According to a Nielsen survey, about 70 percent of consumers “completely” or “somewhat” trust consumer opinions posted online. That makes it the second most-trusted form of advertising, only behind direct recommendations from friends and family.

Local Directory Optimization Can Mean More Patients in Your Beds

Micheal Sherman, Digital Marketing Specialist Digital Marketing, Digital Media, Healthcare Marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Just like any other local business, a community hospital targets people in a local area. But if you’re in an area with a lot of competition, the difference between a potential patient visiting your hospital or your competition can come down to local directory optimization.