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All marketers know that it’s becoming harder to grab consumers’ attention. Why should they care about your content? The key is developing short-form content that is interesting, relevant and presented in a visually interesting way.

That’s exactly what Wax Communications did in our “Truth in Medicine” campaign for South Nassau Communities Hospital in New York. We combined the notion that there is so much misinformation on the web with the belief that your healthcare provider should guide you toward a healthier life. By asking thought-provoking health questions and combining them with striking images, we stood out in an extremely competitive market.

But we didn’t stop there. We gave consumers the opportunity to learn the answer from one of South Nassau’s physicians through short videos. Consumers were directed to these videos (housed on a custom microsite) across targeted print, social media, and online display ads.

For a minimal investment during a six-week period, we saw:

  • 15,000+ microsite visits
  • 84,000+ video views on Facebook
  • Online display CTRs of .47% on desktop and .36% on mobile
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