Webinar: Do Hospital Awards Drive Consumer Decisions?

2018 National Consumer Survey: Value of Hospital Awards Results

Take an eye-opening look at what healthcare consumers really think of hospital quality awards and how these rankings drive their healthcare decisions.

During this engaging discussion, you’ll take a deep dive into data from the 2018 National Healthcare Consumer Survey.

Join us for a 40-minute presentation that will provide actionable insights to polish your brand and drive patient volume.

You’ll learn:
  • Which award programs have the best marketing payback, and how to use them to support consumers’ care decisions
  • Which regions and demographic groups respond most favorably to hospital awards
  • How quality awards inform how patients select their outpatient, emergency and specialty care providers
  • How to maximize ad dollars by promoting your awards to the right audience in the right channel
  • How the right messaging can ensure that your marketing efforts inspire action

Your Presenters


Craig Fairfield, MBA
Managing Director


Amanda Herriman
Marketing Manager