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Wax – A Healthcare Marketing Agency

Few industries are as complex and – to put it bluntly – confusing as healthcare.

As a direct consequence, healthcare is under pressure from consumers, politicians, business leaders, unions and the media to reform. Healthcare leaders must discover ways to deliver better outcomes for less money and at the same time provide coverage and services for those who have, up to now, languished outside the system.

If that isn’t enough, we’re also in the midst of an IT and social media revolution in the industry that’s (way too) slowly enabling customers to enjoy the same kind of empowerment and control they enjoy in virtually every other area of their lives.

At Wax, our healthcare marketing practice focuses on helping our clients address these incredibly challenging and disruptive issues. Our view is that our clients, whether insurers, providers or hospital systems, succeed when the needs of all their stakeholders are acknowledged and addressed.

To that end, we’re able to call on more than 25 years of healthcare marketing expertise to provide highly targeted and integrated marketing strategies. These include primary market research and strategic planning services, including real-time monitoring of social media and network platforms, as well as targeted creative execution.

We also tap into our extensive creative resources and the power and reach our ecosystem partners to develop highly accountable communications programs – Web, social media, print, paid media, PR and events – that engage and resonate with the people we’re seeking to influence.