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Case Study: Tenet Florida Physician Services

When Tenet Florida Physicians Services first approached Wax, their initial challenges were physician group branding and promotion: how to build their identity while ensuring maximum ROI with every dollar spent. Over time, other client challenges and needs included marketing new physician office openings and encouraging audience engagement.


Wax addressed TFPS’s initial challenges with a comprehensive analysis of low-cost, effective marketing options to build the client’s brand. After intensive marketing research, Wax identified the best channels for delivering a compelling, cost-effective branding campaign. With regard to audience engagement, Wax and TFPS partnered on a number of projects, including a bariatric surgery campaign to encourage patients to explore – and ultimately elect – the procedure. This specific project saw Wax creating webinar content in both English and Spanish, spearheading practice runs with doctors and overseeing final recording.

To promote the webinars, Wax employed a strategic media buying approach that focused on mobile apps such as Pandora. Targeted email blasts also helped push the webinars to prospects.

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Physician groups run the gamut of services and specialties. From gastroenterologists and oncologists to OB-GYNs and family doctors, a physician group has to cater to a number of unique audiences. Casting such a wide net requires specialized physician group marketing expertise.

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